GiggleGassers are looking for some daily casual players

Like the topic says my girlfriend and I started up a club called GiggleGassers. We were consistently around the 800 through 1000 rankings but got busy in life and lost several members. We’re playing a lot more now and we want to make a push to get all the perks every week. We want things to remain casual, so we’re looking for people who play every day and don’t want to feel pressured to login every four to six hours. We don’t really have any point requirements or anything like that. We just want people that want to talk in the message board and have fun playing the game while also aiming to get those perks accomplished each week. If you feel like we are more your speed, please go ahead and search our name and join us. Let me know in the message board that you came from here or feel free to respond or reply on this message board. :smile:

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are you still looking for players, I am looking for a casual club and how do I join. I am currently in a club on my phone and I am trying to link my computer to the same game.