Gift Shop Slack-Potential Name Change?

My club (and the one I was in prior) are having problems gettign people to click on the Gift Shop(pe). I am talking people who do a decent job collecting tiki’s and working on perks, not just inactive members. My club’s active members post reminders,tips and such to no avail. Same as my old club. Tonight I was thinking that perhaps that it is the title “Shop(pe)” that is dissuading people from clicking. Yes, I know y’all would love for use to shell out money to help out our teammates, and if I ever win the Powerball, I"ll do just that, but in all seriousness, I think some people don’t even navigate to that area bc they think it is going to cost them money. Perhaps if it was in the actual virtual club house or called something else like Pele’s Souvenir Shack (I’ll happily take a couple of golden chests for that name!) . Maybe even in the inbox prompt


Love that name! I also like the idea of an inbox prompt. Maybe, while the free gift is in the process of being unlocked, free gift can appear in the inbox with a lock next to it, & a notation of where to go to unlock it.


We want the ability to be able to change our club names. Now we have to start a new club and then move all the members…