Gift boxes and coin shortages

Why is it that we have to rely on people to click thank you when we send gift boxes I get shorted every time this time I got shorted 28,000 coins which is a lot considering that’s what I’m paying for there should be some other way like it just should be automatic or something.


Yes it should be a automatic…and support needs to figure out a way to give thanks coins or something to compensate…on the last gift day my game glitched and I didn’t even get to see my box or say THANK YOU. (Which I always do) . Support showed me what I supposedly received but said sorry we can’t send thanks to them… people buy those gifts to help the team but in all reality we want all the thanks coins too…


I totally agree. How often does the game crash just as you click ‘open box’? All you get from support is that you have had the box and they can’t give the coins to the giver. How do I know that I have had what is in the box unless I keep a record of everything that I have in coins, boosts etc.?


It’s a crock, and they know it. When they tell you they can’t reimburse, you should write them back and say, “Ok, then I can’t buy anything else in here and am going to suggest the same to my fellow players” and follow through. To continue to spend money in here, as much as the game cheats you with all it’s glitches, is just like throwing your money out the window.


This last time l clicked the thank you button and immediately got kicked out by the game. I’m not sure that the giver got credit. I felt awful that it happened.


2 years and it is still happening. Just proves that GSN are not interested in what we say

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Now that thanks are the only way to exit the game, there shouldn’t be a problem…
BUT guess what last month my leader purchased a lg gift and it did glitch on me my thanks wasn’t posted in chat , I posted to chat it did it and sent a ticket…
Well needless to say I’m not one to give up, and communicated with my leader via messenger, she still had her coins saved and was missing 1 thanks, that was me the one that glitched.
I keep with the ticket and needless to say over a week later, and my leader sending her pictures w my ticket number, we were granted our missing items.
Yes it was a hassle but we were owed and finally did receive.

I’ve had this happen as well. Not only do i get kicked off the game but any coins or boosters that i already had, disappear. I’ve been kicked off my game in the middle of playing or just starting and lose coins or free plays but get no credit for the game. My coins and free plays are stolen daily and i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, refreshing my devices, and checking internet connection-i shouldn’t lose my points or coins and boosters due to a glitch in the system.

I have been experiencing the same issue. To be honest, if I was not the club co-leader, I would have stopped playing this game. The game is fun. However, the company is a money-grab. The prices are high. The chests earned through the teamwork get stolen when the application freezes while I try to open them.

I call them money-grabs.