Ghost Ship has ONE opening

Ghost Ship a solid Diamond League team has one opening (maybe 2) for a dedicated player who enjoys chatting, maxing club quests, and playing as team. We are a fun club with lots of experience & knowledge in all aspects of the game.If this sounds like you, please answer this post or PM me: Deby Schelle. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

I would be interested in joining your team. I play every day. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but every day! I love to chat. I work really hard to finish the club quests. Just frustrated at how many my team misses. We get really close and then don’t make it. I want a team where all the members play and help as a team. I earn more than 10,000 cp a week and more than 100 tribs. I have lost 6 million coins over the summer and am frustrated because I lost it by playing myself and the team wouldn’t finish the quests. I haven’t had gems because my team doesn’t win them. So I have to pay for boosters in order to finish cq. It has used a lot of my coins.

Hi Jewelbn, thank you for responding. On our Diamond team we expect all member to earn between 35-50K per week. If you think you can do that, perfect. I do also have a Gold team that is more relaxed. Let me know if you think you can fit into Ghost Ship or if Ghost Ship Rest would be a better fit. Thanks, Deby

35-50k is a lot. I don’t want to be on this game 15 hours a day. I play a lot and every day but I get probably 15-20k.

Hi Jewelbn, I think our Gold League team would be a good fit for you. Let me know. Thanks, Deby

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