Gem rewards—not receiving

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has run into the problem, when using your gem rewards but not receiving them?

I just tried to get 5 defrosters for 350 gems. So 350 of my gems got deducted and I started playing my first game. Right away I noticed my defroster were still listed as 0 available?? I played 5 more games nothing. I tried restarting my whole program and once again nothing?!?

Does anyone know who I can contact? I’ve spent too much money on the game as it is. I would at least would like the gem rewards I worked are to even get.


You can contact them thru the game in the MENU [top left], tap HELP and then Contact Us or via email,

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Yes report issues of lost item as soon as it happens you have a better chance of getting your items back that way.
I always report issues under my game tab
Under your portfolio or game portrait there is a button that says help once there i believe there is a STILL NEED HELP all the way at the bottom , that will bring up the form you fill out and submit to game support .
Goodluck to you