Gem Rewards NOT Correct

Got the “900 gem” Diamond Chest which was supposed to contain 10 Booster cards. I rcvd 4 free plays & 1 wild, some gems & coins. Sorry but that doesn’t add up to 10 cards. Just 1 more thing to tick me off about this game. The stupidity & annoyance of having medallions as well as only “winning” 2k as a prize in the shrine is frustrating enough. It would be great if you could save those medallions but you can’t if you need to get the other prizes. Pretty much about to quit playing altogether.

It is misleading I actually did an enquiry about this a while back the 10× items actually include the coins that open up in the chest. So the diamond chest is 10x with the potential of 48000-1630000. Let’s say you got 15k, 5k, and 8 boosters. That equals the 10 rewards advertised. And the “potential reward amount” includes what you “could” get with a free play card


That’s good to know!