Gem Competition - We should be matched with teams in our league

I noticed the last two gem competitions the winning team was a platinum league team.
That doesn’t seem fair as we are a gold league.



I agree, that is reasonable.


We are a gold team and we were up against 2 diamond teams and 2 platinum teams. Of course we finished last. That is just wrong. As you said, we should be matched up against other gold teams, because we play much more casual than diamond teams.


You’re matched based on the number of people that qualify on your team. That’s why we have a rule that if you CHOOSE to qualify you have to know you’ll have the time/coins/boosters/wilds to get a minimum of 12 digs. Some teams don’t have dig rules and all 25 qualify, then like 5 people either don’t dig at all or only use 1-2 shovels - it ruins the chances of you winning.

It really tests how well your team communicates!


Does anyone now how the matchups are chosen. My team has done pretty good, but we were in last place for the last event.

Randomly based on number of players qualifying.

Doubtful. There is some algorithm in there that screws thing one way or another. There is absolutely nothing that is not determined by luck. Question is- what solves the algorithm in our favor?

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Maybe I’m missing something but how do you know that league the other teams are in? I just got on our current gem game & nothing comes up when you click on a team.

By the leadership board that has your whole club information. Like how many tributes, club points, and etc