gander newfoundland channel

i need some help. i had to go for surgery and i thought i’d only be gone a couple of days. but it took 32 days to get out of hospital…i had co-leaders when i left( I didn’t think to remove the co-owners before i went to the hospital) now i have lost ownership. i have asked for it back however what can i do if he/she refuses to relinquish the channel back to myself…thanks for the help

If they refuse to give back leadership, you can create another club and start from the bottom and invite your former team or join a club that is already established.

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i am looking for new players thats dedicated. Please join Tikisim

thanks for the response Colibri hoping i wouldn’t have to do that but what’s ya gonna do…

@Lavanewfie You can always join our club. :slight_smile:

In your coleaders’ defense, it didn’t matter if you removed them or not, if you’re gone for that length of time you would have lose your leadership position by force. The only way to keep it would be to remove your entire team except for yourself, which is essentially the position you are in right now.