Games is totally whacked today

Started about 1:30am this morning. Tried logging on and get unknown error froze lost day 52 booster. Restart
Then it says re- log into Facebook what the crap confirm Facebook then it would just set there. So this morning logon go to club click on inbox spinning arrow of death again ok restart get already logged on. Restart samething. Let it set for few minutes. Log back in try do to a few quest 5 to 10 minutes between quest I tried this to see what it would do sometimes it would continue sometimes unknown error. Gave up these improvements and updates lately have totally messed the game up. I lost coins and boosters today this is getting rediculous. I’ve played this game for 2 years and I’ve not seen this many errors with the game that I’ve seen in the last month.
Get this now I login and it’s saying new leader board for red stars.

Have you sent in a support message?

Oh yea that was the first thing I did.