Game won’t load

Any suggestions? I’ve been playing for 2 years and started having trouble with the game not loading. Today it won’t open at all.

My game also will not load today

I am having that same problem today. I have been in same club for 2 years and today the game won’t load. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem?

Can anybody help me… It is August 2020, and the night before last I went to play, and instead of the game loading as usual, instead I received a box with the words RETRY or RELOAD. Whichever one I chose, neither one worked, it still came back to the box with those two choices. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, clearing cache, rebooting, you name it I’ve tried it to no avail. I still can’t get it. I’ve come to Facebook now to reinstall from here, and that does not fix it. I can’t even figure out how to use this forum! So I beg you, ANYBODY, if you can help me, my email address is or Here’s another kicker, I don’t know which email address in under in the game, but I do know that the game has, and is using, my Facebook portrait which I set long ago, so somehow my game play must be connected to Facebook or it wouldn’t have that profile pic. ANY HELP WOULD BE IMMENSELY APPRECIATED. I miss playing and I am the bread winner so to speak for my club, and I know they must be wondering what happened to me, where I went, why I’m not playing. If you can forward this message to any who can help, that would be great too! God Bless All!!! Please feel free to text me too at 919-702-8808 (just no calls, please) THANK YOU!!!

Disable WIFI. Enable data. Login. Once you’re logged in, you may reenable the WIFI.


Iv seen that message before and ALOT lately…I don’t push any of then and my game will finish loading…

Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I have gone through the steps and still, the game seizes up as soon as wifi is turned back on. At least you’ve gotten me this far and I thank you! I cannot play without wifi so I am certainly open to any more suggestions! Again, thank you for taking the time and responding. That was very kind. I’m lost without my game.

Thank you for responding! I truly appreciate it!
Yes I have tried that, the long pause, and still nothing.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is truly appreciated!

Do you have the lasted update.7.2? here is the game email if you submit a problem threw here maybe you won’t lose you daily streak and I know you have done most of what they will suggest so keep replying to there emails until you get into your game and hopefully they will give you your lost days back.
@CindyLu might have more advise for you.

Hi, first and foremost, THANK YOU. I appreciate you reaching out to me and I can’t express how thankful to you i am! Yes, I am in midst of multiple back and fourths with someone from technical support, but to no avail yet. The hang up is all around the game working perfectly fine for me if I simply turn off my wifi in my phone, but leave data on. But for me personally I cannot do that because I do not have unlimited data. And one day of game play can kill all my allowed data for the whole month!

My son loaded the game on his phone when he was here visiting in Saturday. The game did the same thing to him BUT, after about 5 minutes, like you said, the game started working all of a sudden for him! We thought wow, that’s weird. But then 5 minutes after that it stopped working again for him!

I just got a message from him: he wants me to ask spectrum to “ping” my router. So, I’ll text him back and ask why and then see what happens.

God Bless You!

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I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::slightly_smiling_face::balloon::balloon:

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What actually fixed it? 2 of my team members are having the same problem? Did you just do this? Disable WIFI. Enable data. Login. Once you’re logged in, you may reenable the WIFI.

Hi! My son called. He told me to go online to the Spectrum website and locate a tab to have it either “ping” or “reset” my modem. I pressed the reset button, waited a few minutes for my cable box to finish doing its thing, opened Tripeaks Solitaire, and about fell over… It worked!!! :heart:

All those days with no playing made me realize, holy cow I’m addicted to this game!

And I love every minute of it, lol.

I did get more projects done around the home I wanted to do, but hey, I’m getting old and you only live once and I’m going to do what makes me happy!

Thank you for your help and kindness in all this. It is immensely appreciated!

Most Sincerely,
Linda Godowsky-Bilka

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Glad to hear …I will admit I’m pretty addicted to playing to …:rofl: