Game on, but club, inbox, leaderboard won’t load/open!?!?

I’m looking for any assistance anyone may be able to provide. I know the customer service isnt available today & are inundated with issues on the recent update. I did submit 2 requests, last night & again this morning, but…

First off, I had no problems with being able to update, had some lagging afterwards, but everything still worked as it should. That was until yesterday, about 2-3pm EST.

I can get the game to open, although it’ll sometimes take several attempts with clearing/closing the app & reopening. Once in the game, I cannot open anything within my club (if there’s anything even showing), cannot open my inbox (which shows different numbers pending every time I get in the game) & cannot open the leaderboard. I am able to read my clubs chat, but cannot post, well I tried to but it doesn’t show up. I am able to play a game & have verified my score in the club did go up, but can’t get to the quests in order to collect on what’s done. I somehow was able to collect my red star comp rewards, but thankfully, cause I’ve been taking screenshots of everything, I have proof to show it didn’t compensate correctly. It actually shorted me about 85k of my 110k winnings & didn’t pay any of the chest rewards.

I have already deleted my app (via the settings area & holding down then ‘x’ it out) then reinstalled it. I was able to reconnect to Facebook with no problem, so my progress isn’t lost. I’ve turned my phone off & did a hard reset/reboot both before & after delete/reinstall.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

You did the right thing, submitting tickets, and you aren’t alone, there’s still problems with the new update, and to me it looks like you’ve exhausted everything that I am aware of doing. I know they are working on it, hopefully asap you will get a response. I have flagged your post, maybe someone will have another solution


@Jenny, how is your game working now? Did you get or find a resolution?

So it started working again all of a sudden the following night. I’m still getting a couple glitches, but I’m not complaining!
Thank you!