Game of Prawns seeking competitive members

We are rebuilding our club and looking for a couple of new members to join us in our climb to the top. We aim to complete all 6 perks weekly, and the bonus perk, too. Must play daily, max on quests, chat, and collect tributes. If you play for the love of the game, and have that competitive edge, check us out!

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Hello, Poison Ivy! :smiley: I did receive your offer and this made me proudly happy! But for now i will go on with my club…In earlier times, i sure would have agree but things had turned suddenly great for me.
Also, i wanted to say that your user name recalls me 20 years ago, i used it too in a grown up group chatroom i created for make fun and bad laugh about…one and each other! :smile: never serious or hurtfull…Just a big funny bunch of…can’t say it.
I KNOW that i was like poison ivy, so are you??:herb::video_game:
Thanks to you and best wishes of fun,skills,rewards and luck for what may come. Regards🍀