Game not loading

My game isn’t loading, is anyone else gabbing this problem, how do I fix it ?

Same thing is happening to me. Everything else works on my phone including other games. This has happened to me before. Was locked out for almost a month and trying to get any help from tech support was an effort in vain. So what now???

I had the same issue a couple hours ago, U am up and running again!


Try contacting :slight_smile:


Thanks I’m on again now, I restarted my phone and it started working :slight_smile:


My game is so slow to load that at times it will time out. Sometimes I can’t get in for a while. My team members have the same problem.

I’m really losing my patience, with the slow loading and pauses between screens. Please let me know what to do

I found that after playing awhile, mine does that on 1 of my devices…drives me cRaZy!

I exit the game completely, and then go back in and let it reload. That works for me for awhile. My other devices don’t seem to have to much of a problem.

The game will not load for me when using wifi.