Game keeps shutting down

Played game earlier today and had no issues. Have tried several times to play tonight but after logging in, game automatically closes after about 20 seconds.

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Same thing happening to me. I have cleared cache and game data, and we-installed but same thing happens, the game shuts down a few seconds after opening up.


I’m having the same problem. Was able to get on long enough to collect coins, momo & open chests open games 3 different times (loosing free plays). Momo has long since run out without getting used, quest is gone & who knows about leaderboard. tried everyway to get back on but now it kicks me off faster than it took to get back on.


Having similar problem. Worked okay earlier today, but then received update notification -
now dumps me out as soon as it loads, so can’t even get in to raise ticket. Looks like yet another upgrade improvement - NOT!

Same here. Get in game play two cards get kicked out. Lost. All free plays and mono

Same happening to me.

I have not been able to get on at all today without it crashing.

Same thing and have lost a lot of coins…free games

Ok! For anyone who hasn’t logged into the game recently it’s back up for me and working!