Game is being stingy

I am a leader of a group and I am losing players because you have made it difficult to win games. My players are losing coins and are not getting many points or coins when they do win games. Players are quitting


We haven’t had any people leave our team because it is too difficult. I agree I use more coins and wilds sometimes, but then the next week it seems much easier. I think if it was really easy to win games then the game might become very boring. (This is just my opinion.)

My feeling is that Tripeaks tries to do more and more for the people playing. When I first started, we only got 10 friends to help daily and now there are 20 per day. Then there are complaints that that is not enough. So, where does it stop?

Sorry, I got on my bandwagon. Just don’t like seeing all of the complaining.

I’m sure it is hard for them to keep the game interesting for all to play.


The game is also unfair as my daughter gets 24 ads after the wild card and I get only 4, this means she can usually get 20000 plus more coins per day than I can.


Everyone is different. I only get 2 ads after the wild and sometimes don’t get any. I’m just grateful for the ones I get.


I have the same problem, a friend of mine gets 22 ads after earnead wild card and i get only 5.
We compete n clubs so it is ufair that somebody gets more than 20 and somebody less then 5.
Difrences to get free coins er up to 100k free coins daily. :rage::rage::rage:


It’s more than just being stingy I would use a stronger word but… I normally wouldn’t and haven’t said anything about how hard it is to win a game sometimes and I actually quit playing installed my app and deleted the game from fb before because if it and might just do it again permanently this time. Just yesterday I activated the red star booster for 3 hours and inn less than 2 I lost over 200k in coins and hardly made a dent in the ranks. I’m a good player usually the top scorer in my team so I’m not bad at playing this game. So when I lose games consistently by 1 card over and over you have to wonder, and it’s a totally random card they threw in for the last one so you have to use a wild or the useless 5 extra cards button to win. More money for them and I understand that they’re trying to make money I do but this way is the wrong way to do it. While I’m talking here I’ve already lost over 100k this morning this time the cards are so bad I look like child playing on my parents phone!!


I also have a problem with the ads after the wild. I only get 1or2 ads after the wild card is given. I don’t think it’s fare that some people get many ads after and I only get 2 at the most, and you get any where from 300-700 coins. It’s very disappointing because each perk and booster cost so much you run out of coins quickly, and your club wants you to get a minimum of point it can get frustrating.


Yes I haven’t had any leave but a LOT of complaints about it I hope you can adjust and find a middle ground soon or I feel a LOT more are going to quit and it’s a great game

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