Game Ideas and feedback

  1. I would like to be able vhoose when I use my free games. I don’t want to use them on games that cost lower coins when working tributes.

  2. Have a conformation before using volcano card. I know games are timed but the clock stops when you are buying items so it can be set to pause for conformation.

  3. We need direct message capabilities in our groups. Not all players are Facebook friends so just posting in chat doesn’t work if someone is not logged into the game.

  4. Be able to send daily coins to club members. Again not everyone is Facebook friends.

  5. Bring Club Quest back. Please!!

  6. More player control on when quest start after finishing one. Not everyone can sit and finish all the quest at once. If they stop then they run the risk of losing a quest.


Good ideas. I think the last one has been solved with the Claim reward feature.