Game has changed.. .

My go to level that I could win 6 or 7 times out of 10 and build up coins, no longer pays. Wins are hard to come by on EVERY level and it seems on EVERY game you are left with ONE card. What have you done to this game I loved? I have used a million of my coins, just to win, since boosters are rarely given on the shrine and if you dont buy extra cards you can’t win. So sad and frustrating!


TOTALLY AGREE !!! This last updated version is the worst yet!!


Yes it is very frustrating. I am playing less and less because they keep making the game worse. The shrine is a joke now. Winning games is a joke now. The scavenger hunts are a joke. You’d think with all these jokes it would be funny but it’s NOT! Change the game back to where it used to be!


I totally agree, Always one card left. It just is frustrating. I also don’t like how it’s not fare how you can have a streak/run, and it disappears. Harder to get streaks now. I have seen a few times where I was suppose to get red stars and it didn’t give it to me. I love this game and have been playing for a couple years and so much was taken away from the game when it was taken over by the new company. It’s such a great outlet at this time in life, but don’t take advantage of your loyal fans.


I have the same problem