Game glitch ....

Weird… black Q, with red heart… hello…

hope this doesn’t keep happening


Good eye my friend. :open_mouth:


How do you have so many coins?

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@Neen2407 well thanks but Iv seen way higher on here…lol…Iv been playing for 6 months or so. I play a lot…I use lots of tricks from here. Always work smarter not harder, club/personal quest, if it’s suit or say jacks I play level 1/2/3 on tiki beaches or monkey falls 1 . Having a good club helps too so you finish club quest and get freebies. I’m also a leader so about ever couple weeks I buy a club gift which gives everyone +me the contents and every member that says thank you I get coins in return. I use my freeplays for tributes and I use wild to win them when I have 1card left, or a run that clears the board Good luck. Use the magnifying glass at the top of screen and search build coins…


That’s weird.
I never noticed anything like that before. Have to keep my eyes open…lol

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ATM 27,000 sometimes I can get up to 300,000 but they go quickly.

Okay I will try to find the magnifying glass. Thank you