Game freezing and not loading

Any ideas on how to fix, I’ve uninstalled, and re installed in the verge of deleting altogether

Have you had any responses that work on this?
My game freezes so bad I can’t finish the hourly quests anymore? I play to relax but the constant freezing is getting to me,

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Nothing yet, takes me nearly an hour just to do the volcano 5 games

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I am not quite that bad. I can do 15 games in an hour, but I used to be able to do 15 games in 25 minutes.

Before you uninstall the game go to storage on the app and clear cache, then uninstall the game. Then install the game again it usually works a lot better for me

Thank you, a lot better now

fyi…no need to re-install…what I do to keep things speedy: every week at re-set I collect my chests , then go to app…hit force quit…clear cache…clear data…all done. Just start it up…BUT depending on how far your game is[how many islands] it will take a bit to reload basic data. Just let it run and load up your islands. the more u play the more data gets scrambled on your hard drive and longer it takes to search that data and play…by clearing every week,u have less garbage slowing down the game…good luck…have fun

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Thanks will try, appreciate all hints and ideas