Game cutting off in middle of play

Let’s fix this please!!!


A lot of players on my team are disappointed with this happening to them, …I also am having this a lot more since the last update it seems.


This happens to me all the time and it is wasting coins and extras is you are using is frustrating to say the least.

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Curious - are you guys clearing your cache regularly?
Is the game shutting down after you’ve been playing for a while?

It’s a large game. I’m always clearing my cache. And I restart the game before I’ve played for too long. It hasn’t crashed on me in a long time since I’ve been doing this.
I recommend an app that clears your cache for you too. I’ve been using CCleaner and it works well.


Has been happening to me a lot lately too.

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I agree it is happening way to often to me!

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Has been happening to me as well.

How do you clear your cache.

Don"t know I’m on an iPad.

Google the type of phone etc you’re using ask how to clear the cache.

Me too many times a day. This morning 3 times already. It’s very frustrating.

I clear my cache, and yesterday, uninstalled and reloaded and it crashed on me again today AFTER I had paid for a streak card and used a trap card all before I could play the game!

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