Game Crashes And Losing Coins

It is so frustrating! This is the second time I was opening my Gold Star chest and the game crashed and I didn’t get any of the coins from the chest! It is usually a lot of coins, too! BUMMED! Anyone else having this problem?
It also crashes quite often when watching the videos. :frowning:

Send a ticket in while you are on the game by clicking your profile picture and than the help, follow the steps from there. I had sent one in 1 week ago, they are swamped I think with the new friend exchange going on so be prepared to wait a few days to get help


Yes losing allt, put in countless tickets. Not ONE reply. Goes back from when I started, then got worse and worse.
Lost countless coins, tributes, cards, wins, everything from server lag, boots to a lie correction screen for game,
Also no chest for 240 wild.card donation…

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