Game crashed! Ouch!

I lost everything today! All my progress, coins, red stars, gems, username, club…EVERYTHING! The game rebooted & started like it was the first time I’ve ever played. Has this ever happened to anyone? And how can I get back to my team if I am now on level 1?

That is horrible. Did you change your Facebook settings or accidentally disconnect from FB, that may fix it

I dont have facebook.

Oh no! I’m not sure what can be done if you don’t have Facebook. I would contact GSN in the game. Good luck!


I’m not sure if they can restore your account, please keep us posted @Starstarbobar!

If they cannot, and you start new, I would recommend creating a FB account. You don’t have to use it, or give any personal information, or even use your real name.

If you sign in to Tripeaks with FB, your game information is stored differently (possibly by FB). You’ll be able to log on to your Tripeaks game on any device.


Oh man, may I suggest when they resolve it, and I hope they do, you just set up an account only for the game. I have numerous fb friends just for coins and they have dedicated TriPeaks accounts. . You don’t even have to use your real name, but I’d make it remotely authentic so FB doesn’t don’t flag it. It is worth it, bc you can get up to 60k a day, lots of ppl on here post looking for folks to exchange coins with . Not to mention the app page shares free coins 4-5x a week. I totally get not wanting to deal with the site, but except following the app, you need not post or anything. Just a thought.


I am able to still visit the tripeaks fb page. I just refuse to download fb or reactivate my account! I hope they resolve it too! I bet my team just thought I jumped ship! :disappointed_relieved:


You are still able to access the Tripeaks FB page without an account?

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Yes ma’am! I can not read comments, but I can read the original post.

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Well, support contacted me & did not offer to restore diddly squat so I have decided to just not play anymore! Once the unfairness of it all starts to sink in it really bothers me! Something meant to be fun shouldn’t bother us, right? Time to walk away. Thank you guys for chiming in!


@Starstarbobar, I’m so sorry to hear that. It is a fun game with so many perks and positives. It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t solved to your satisfaction. It sounds like they don’t have a way to tie accounts except thru Facebook. I’ve always found them to be exceptionally helpful and always pleasant. I hope you change your mind…

People shouldn’t be forced to use Facebook. An email should be good enough.