Game Counter Not Working

Today’s Club Quest involves playing a lot of games. It is helpful to know how close I am to maxing the Quest; however, the game counter isn’t working. (Note: It did work - one time, a week or so ago!) Is it a tech issue with TriPeaks or is it my tablet? I’m tracking my play with paper and pen, but it would be SO much nicer if the counter worked.

What you can do is submit a ticket via the game [MENU (top left) HELP, Contact Us], if you haven’t already done so. Unfortunately the game will have issues/glitches from time to time or just freezes and sometimes shuts down.

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@MzQuail, try clearing your cache then closing down the game and restarting your tablet. If that doesn’t work, if you’re linked to Facebook you can try uninstalling and installing next. Definitely submit a help request if those two things don’t work. Good luck!


Thank you for the suggestions.

Terbaer, I periodically clear the cache. I will try it again - this time restarting the tablet. As for Facebook - UGH!!! Unfortunately, there is another account (from a dead tablet) that is hooked up to Facebook; so I don’t dare do an uninstall/reinstall.

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Colibri, if the suggestions made by Terbaer don’t work, I will submit a ticket to TriPeaks. It’s really aggravating, trying to keep track with paper and pencil…especially when I forget to actually keep track!!

Very often happens to me.
If I come off a cq then go back a few hours later the count is wrong.
Got hold gsn,they told me it’s my phone.
Been happening for years

If the game is finding another Facebook account, you’ll need to clear your cookies/cache on your browser. Or you can just hit cancel each time, so it does not connect to the old account.

I sent a ticket to TriPeaks about the counter issue. It is most likely a game issue rather than a device problem.

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