Game constantly kicks me out on all devices

I have sent in help tickets multiple times. The game kicks me out all the time. I used to be able to play for hours. Now it’s about 5-10 minutes. No matter if I’m on my tablet or iPhone or if I’m at home or anywhere else.
The “help” center says it my WiFi or my router or the price of cheese in Tibet. Anything but on their end. I’m sick of it.

Weirdly enough it does it the most when I have free plays or win a fantastic game and boots me out right before I can collect.

Am I the only one?

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I heard there is a new update 6.5 version, some players had to search the app store for this update, give that a try!

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I update every time. It’s always the same.

I play on an iPhone and an iPad. My iPhone 7 is fine. My iPad Air (1st gen), is glitchy. Are you able to play without using your wifi, i.e. just cellular data? If you still have problems, then you know it’s not your network but could still be your device. I did have problems with my wifi and often played just with cell data. Now that I’ve fixed my network, I have fewer problems although my iPad is still glitchy (but I take it to be an older device problem)