Game constantly crashing losing my coins

This game constantly crashes and losing my coins. Very frustrating!


When it happens, I click on help → contact us to submit the ticket. Depending on the representative who picks up the ticket, you might be able to get some reimbursement such as free play or some coins. You will also get their “standard lecture” on possible issues on your end of the network.

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Are used using there latest version?
Iv found the older the device the glitchy the game…my opinion.

True. The game has more glitches on older devices. It would have helped if we could have the device version requirements for the game.

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My phone isn’t even a year old. Samsung A01 and the game just updated a few days ago.

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My phone isn’t even a year old. Samsung A01 and the game just updated a few days ago.

Looks like WiFi high connection speed and at least 200 MB free memory is required.

I dont have any connection speed issues and over 2 GB free

When I say crashes when I’m playing the game just disappears from the screen and goes to the main scree on my phone

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Once again it’s set the coin count to zero and won’t register winnings

How do I open a ticket? Now all my red stars are gone from all that work!!

In the game at the top left where your photo/icon is click: Menu>Help>Contact Us. Then fill out the form.

The red stars get reset weekly on Sunday night when the lead board event ends and then new event starts.
Gold stars are permanent.

me too, i’m done with it

Earlier this week it was not awarding perk 5 +10% completion coins! The issue was reproducible on most of the levels regardless of the island. Moreover, the game entry cost was higher than the coins earned by winning the play. The game is winning me instead of me winning the game.

Mine does it too. It is so frustrating. I have contacted them but got no help.