Game connection

Since your last update 2 days ago I cannot access the game…it tells me I have no Internet connection, which of course, I do.

I need help. I have lost all my ‘days played’, plus the game I was playing. I need help, please!


A lot of players from my club are having this problem too. They’ll be playing and get an error message and lose their game. One said she’d finish games and get the error message and not get the points she accumulated.

So sorry, you are not alone dealing with this,here is the email


Yep! You are not alone. You can try and send technical support a ticket. Most of the time their help is useless. However, mad props , this last time i did message them with the loss of a gift box due to the connection issue , they did re -issue one to me ! Thanks tripeaks for being fair for once. (but i will say this , i spend alot of money of team gift boxes )

A few of them have reported this and get replies saying nothing is wrong.

I know it’s a pain. But you have to move your ticket up to the next level. Takes a few emails to get you there.


Okay, I’ll let them know

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If you feel your problem was not responded to or not resolved, keep reporting it under the same ticket #


I have not had that problem but I told my club members what you said. A couple of them said they would resubmit the ticket number.

Also watch for this email, it’s only good for 24hrs I believe and it’s linked to the ticket number… if you are not happy I choose bad and a screen comes up where you can put your info in again or explain why you are unsatisfied. This has also gotten me my deserved rewards back.
Best of luck.