Game concerns/errors

I have been having a problem for about 2 months now whenever I log on the bonus pops up (for consecutive days played) I clicked the collect button but it doesn’t work. I have to close the game and restart after EVERY game I play unless I’m hitting the next button… so whenever I’m doing volcano I play 1 then close reopen etc I also can’t choose an island to play on due to this so if I want a specific island I have to keep restarting the volcano until I get one there… I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it did no good can anyone help!!! Also the support email in the menu isn’t correct my emails just bounce back saying bad address and this is off the hyper link

1st, is your device on automatic updates, did you install an older version of the game? the game won’t work properly unless you have the updated version. If this doesn’t seem to be the issue here is their email, be sure to inclde your device type and include screen shots of what you are experiencing

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Concern re POIs double weekly quest, this is completely unfair for those that have completed all levels, you can’t catch poi as he’s not up ahead anymore, surely you should offer a chest or something as these weekly quests are useless to those that have played alot or for a long time


Tracy my heart goes out to you as I had similar problem for over a month and rebooting device delete,reinstall,game then tapping through tutorials again and again is extremely frustrating especially when you pop in to play and only have a few minutes that end up being used just to get to next step in game. I diligently wrote TP daily and was doing the reboot delete reinstall thing several times a day. I have no idea why or how it corrected this issue as finally resolved. Hopefully you are nearing the tail end of this frustrating cycle. Best of luck going forward. :rainbow::blush::+1: