Game closes in the middle of a game.

Anyone having problems, getting kicked out of game? It happens to me multiple times daily. I lose the game, which cost me money. Not going to buy packages, just to be kicked out. It is not my internet or anything on my end. Doesn’t happen on my other games. Getting tired of having to log back in over and over. Been playing for years, if this is not fixed, I’ll be saying goodbye.

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Sorry to hear about your issues, after logging back in are you sending a help ticket?
I would be! If you do just after logging back in it’s a time stamp of the game boot.
Iv had an even number of good and bad experiences with getting a return on items lost. So it’s worth a try…
Persistence is key- good luck.


I have been having the same issue on and off for weeks now but less than originally. It is most annoying when you are collecting tributes and the game cuts out. I have not sent a message on Help, just closed out the game in frustration.

That’s understandable, but the more tickets they get the more likely they see it’s a problem.
But if I sent a ticket for every issue I’d be typing more then playing soooo.
Good luck to you…hopefully it gets better soon.

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I send my request…Support closes them out more time than not. Then have the NERVE to send a survey wanting to know if I am SATISFIED or DISSATISFIED. Then when you try to respond. YOUR TIME HAS EXPIRED.

That’s the trick you need to catch those emails and disagree if you are owed I always watch for those and keep my ticket open.
Or if they close your ticket and didn’t justify your lost item send another ticket with the original ticket number included.
Best of luck to you

Thanks for the tip, Tasha. Next time it happens I’ll make sure to send a help ticket.

Be sure to reply to their email on the same ticket. I believe that escalates the ticket. Reply back 3 or 4 times if you have to, but stand your ground until you are heard!

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