Game closes every time I purchase things!!

I’m so tired of this application closing in the middle of games right after I purchase items to make it through the levels, it costs me a lot and it still does it during digging events!!

Have you tried clearing your cache and see i f that helps?

You need to join this Facebook group (called Solitaire TriPeaks Tips % Chat) and STOP SPENDING MONEY on the game. In this group you will learn how to accumulate coins and strategies to play the game without spending real money. I have over 33 million in coins and the only thing I buy is double gift boxes for the team when they are available. First thing to do is STOP where you are - do not progress any further into the game: Solitaire TriPeaks Tips & Chat | Facebook

I’m jlo
My thing is when I buy look like I get high end, expert games that you never can just win. I spent believe it or not in hundreds, last few months .25$$^ a day.
Then today not one reasonable winnable game. Not one. I get bored…it’s all about money. Their ads are on all other games