Fun Platinum Team Needs A Few Dedicated & Chatty Players

R Happier Team is seeking some chatty, dedicated players who…

*Complete Club Quests

*Complete 15K by end of Sunday and 30K weekly

*Play Tributes (for CQ & to keep volcano cool)

*Dig together as a team

We’re a fun, supportive team who love showing our appreciation during double gift days.

–No idle over 24 hours without notifying an admin (we understand that life happens and family comes first…but please let us know when you’ll be away or slower than usual)


Hi there, I am looking for a fun team to join!

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Hi @Kimberly_Raisbeck. So glad you’re looking for a fun team to join. :slight_smile:

If everything above looks great to you, we’d love to have you.

Can you request to join R Happier Team?

If not, we’ll find some way to invite you. :slight_smile:

If you are skimmer that joined with us we need you to play more and also play tribute games please. Thank you

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Hay guys if this team gets full we also need players at let’s do it rite, almost the same conditions as above. We are a supportive team, I think we are a great platinum team but without the stress that comes with some diamond clubs

I was removed from my previous team. No clue why. I do play daily. Dig with strategy. Keep volcano cool. Complete many club quests. I would love to join your team of dedicated players.

Searched for “Let’s do it rite” not found

Looking to join a fun hard working club!

Samantha, we’re a diamond club that completed perk 6 by Saturday morning. We actually got it Friday night this week which was amazing! All perks by Saturday night/Sunday morning. New members: 4k before idle. 8k & 50 tributes per day. Perk order:6,1,2,3,4,5.

Little gems is our club.:grin:

Sorry it should have been lets not let’s, we are full now though

We currently have 2 spots open on R Happier Team!

We had a few people join, but not get anywhere near our requirements–and had to boot them after being idle for more than 24 hours without notice.

If our rules at the top of the post look good, we hope you’ll join our fun, chatty team!

Are you still looking, @Samantha_Jo?

Do you chat, @Crzyk? You said you complete many club quests and we understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but do you try your best to complete all of them?

If someone is active in chat or on our FB group, we don’t boot without trying to contact them…but it’s tough when people disappear for days without notice on an active team.

Hi There - could use you! I don’t know how to link, but look us up, please!

I would still like to join your team. You can text me on my personal number if you like. 630.715.5643

I saw your request to join our team and approved it, @Crzyk. Welcome!!!

We still have one spot left for a dedicated player who meets our requirements.

I would love to join your team…I am a dedicated player

That’s wonderful @Bilkisu_Muhammad!

Request to join: R Happier Team

We’d love to have you!

After you join, we’ll have one spot open, if any other dedicated team players who can score 30,000 or more a week would like to join us.

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