Fun crazy MiXeD NuTs will need a new nut after this tournament ends!

My club will need a new NuT after this current contest ending on oct 25th. if anybody’s interested and can get at least 25k+ most of the time and you want to have fun again hopping the islands PLEASE LOOK FOR the club MiXeD NuTs!! I like to run my club with a HIGH morale atmosphere and try to keep it kooky crazy and fun. We have a very low turn over rate as once you join you’re not only players you become family. Most of the players love it so much they wont ever leave. We have rules but they can be flexible. We treat eachother fair we laugh we learn we love! Each nut gets renamed with their very own unique term of endearment, which means I love you and You belong… Kinda like naming a baby :wink: We have a low minimum of 25k and 22 hr idle max but usually we may only have a couple players that score below 30k if any. We never ranked below 250 with the contest and are currently 1st in platinum league in the tournament. We always get the 7 perks finished with time to spare. We play very hard and very well and its because I REQUIRE the fun and high morale! Stress free environments make it more fun to play so we play longer and harder and enjoy doing so. Some of us love chatting so much weve even lost personal quests from talking too much and laughing way more. It takes a lot to get cut as long as there’s communication and dont take advantage of our flexibility as obviously I have to think of fairness to everyone. However I will cut a person for bullying and making others unhappy even if they score the most points. I could say so much more but thats the jist! If you are loopy crazy fun and hard working and want to be among your crazy kind send a Request! Again the spot will be open when this contest ends 11:55 eastern time on thursday night!

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