Fun competition between Club Champs

Why dont you have a fun competition between club champs? It might take everyone’s mind off of the friend center debacle!

(I sent this to help center) I think they pay more attention here in the Forum, so if we get lots of replies/feedback, maybe they would take me seriously.

Remember 16 weeks ago when they started Club Champs? And they said there would be rewards/events with just club champs? and it has been crickets ever since. Hmmmmmmm


I sent help ticket asking when there special week would be coming about a week ago…
As you stated yes it was introduced to the game some time ago, but we have only seen crowns not extra reward😕

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The purple crowns look pretty with the blue star!!! ha ha ha

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Shaunna67. I agree that a competition would be fun. There was supposed a chest for club champs. Then There was a retraction posted. Only during special events. What determines a special event? We’ve done animal rescue, breast cancer, Veterans, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, etc. It’d be great to know just how special it’s got to be. Thank you for bringing this to someone’s attention!

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