Fun casual team needs more members

The cuties is a fun team that is looking for a few new members. We know everyone has their own life and families too. Playing for fun but we do enjoy winning too but all things in moderation.


I’m in need of a new club. Daily player, tributes and competitions!!!

I would love to join your team. I’ve been in a club, but all my members vanished. I try to play daily as much as I can.

I’m looking for some fun. The team I’m with doesn’t play very much.

Are you’s still looking for new player’s ??

Chill island is looking for 2 players! We are a gold team, laid back, like to chat and have fun with optional dig and race. If anyone is still looking, join us!


I would love to join your team :blush:

Maryann, did you join and then leave? Sorry if we weren’t what you were looking for!

I’d like to join your team

No. I don’t believe so.

You can always merge with our team “Island Nights”

•10k club points by Sunday
•125 tributes by Thursday
•Thurs, 10k before perk closing
•MAX Tribute quest & NOTIFY in chat (mandatory)
•3 consecutive missed missed cq’s=automatic removal
•NO 24 hour idle limit .

I started a team recently after trying 3 clubs in one week, I could not find a Club that just played Solitaire.
Esther414 does not dig, race or do other side games.
We have 6 players and would like to have at least 15,
I do have a 24 hr idle but, if you let us know, you are ok.
We max Club Quests. Please come see.

I’d like to join your team!