Frosty Fiesta not available for everyone? Shame (again) on you, GSN!

I saw in the News tab of an announcement about the Frosty Fiesta and winning a Chilly Chest. I got the notice in my inbox. I have been doing the events this week and last week. Come to find out, other members of my club never got it. More unfair and inequitable treatment from GSN. Shame on you (again).

Oh, and thanks for throwing out more friend center changes (for the continued disadvantage to players) the day after club tournament reset. More inequitable treatment of players.

Now give us back our treasure shrine. If you can give and take away the new streak meter and rescue mission, you can give everyone the original stinking shrine.

We see through your BS about “testing”. What you’re doing is flat out wrong. It is creating an uneven playing field. For clubs, for red star competition, and the great race to name a few. When some players get more free coins than others (friend center) , some players can get better chances at boosters and wilds than others (shrine) , some players are getting chilly chest bonuses ,some got rescue mission.

But we are all stuck with worsening overall playing experience (and I am sure you’re sorry for any inconvenience). :roll_eyes:


I also seen it .and the advertised is now taken down.
Yes this is very rude of tripeaks to offer this challenge again and only give it to select players.
If you recall they offered this nation wide over the holidays.
It’s pretty simple you want the extra chest -you play the games needed to get it!
This was the reply form support when I wasn’t offered it.:rage:

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What a crock…!!!#


Yes this happened to me i got a chest in my rewardsclicked on it and it said i was not illegible and it took it away after it let me compete and win that event …2 weeks ago i was so pist… we need as many bonuses and every single booster we can get just to beat levels since they set the decks in there favor so much anymore!!!