Front porch sittin'

Love this time of day, sitting on the front porch with a wine cooler, watching the critters (quail, doves, thrashers, finches, cactus wrens, cottontail bunnies, jack rabbits, ground squirrels) eat practically at our feet!


That is such a lovely peaceful view! Enjoy! :blush:


Thank you @AlienGal, I set out food scraps for them everyday. I LOVE it here, but we’re only here (Arizona, US) part time. We still have a lot of family in California, so we bounce back and forth.


That is a beautiful view, I can almost hear the animals, fuzzy naval are the wine coolers U stock my fridge with…


Porch Sittin’…Is also a term used to describe players that do very little to contribute to the Team while expecting all the rewards. How can you spot them?? They’re “Idle” more than they play! (haha)

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Ornithaphob here!! Ahhhhhh

Awww, that’s too bad @Gaga-16! I hope you have something that brings you as much peace and happiness as I get from watching these guys! Btw, I had to look that up lol