Friends who share coins with each other

TRI PEAKS SHOULD LET US VOTE ON SOME OF THE STUFF THEY CHANGE ON THE GAME. ALSO as my people play this game and put money into they could afford to one day every month say the 15 of the month let everyone COLLECT from everyone that’s your friend not just 20 people they would not lose anything by doing that for just one day ever month.


Tripeaks every few months actually has an Ask the Big Kahuna where players place their input in regards to the game. There are threads on it here from past posts, you can also place feedback by clicking on your profile picture while you are on the game, click help and follow the steps from there. The reason why this is my favorite game to play because the game itself is very proactive with us the players!!


I love this idea, what do you think Tripeaks Solitaire Team? I don’t think we should be limited daily, but if we had 1 dat to collect as many coins as we can from friends then maybe I could play more than once a day! Please think about it, many devoted players can benefit from this . Thank you in advance for your consideration.

How do I donate coins to my teammates or have them collect from me? None of my team members are my fb friends.

@Pcicco, if you want to share help coins with your teammates, you have to become FB friends first. There is no other way.

Giving this some thought, they only thing I can think of, but this may be a biggie, is:

If TriPeaks ever let us collect from unlimited people, even for one day, it might be construed as encouraging people to become “friends” with anybody.

I personally only friend people in my clubs, and I do a mini background check (check their profile, see if they have a “real” life, etc kind of thing}. I know I’m being cautious , and I also know I might not be able to see the whole picture, but at least I try… and I think we need to.

If TriPeaks says friend everyone, we’ll give you coins for doing so, and we do… what happens when something happens, and the investigation leads to they met because of TriPeaks friend encouragement?

My teenage daughter was stalked and sought out by a “friend” she met online. He traveled hundreds of miles and showed up at her high school. He was arrested because the very aware high school staff that recognized he didn’t belong there. (My daughter has now made it her mission to inform other people about the dangers of online “friends” BTW, I accept responsibility for not seeing that she listed her high school in her profile, or recognizing that needed to be monitored.)

But with so many young people, and unaware people, online these days, I completely understand and applaud TriPeaks for not encouraging reckless behavior.

@Delonda5, I am not directing this only to you, but the 100’s of people who ask that TriPeaks allow us to friend anyone and everyone for more coins. There is a lot more to consider than free coins here.

As far as voting for their changes… we do have a vote. At least once a month, I send suggestions using their feedback form (like @Tracy suggested)… that’s our way of voting!

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Now there’s a thought! Something to look forward to every month :blush: