Friendly & Fun Platinum Club needs 1 loyal member - PerkPros

If you are looking for a family-esque team that is ambitious and competitive but not over the top come join PerkPros today! We finished in 7th place in Platinum this week and would love someone to help us move up. We are looking for someone that is loyal - not a team jumper. We are understanding and you will not get booted if life events come up. We just ask that you communicate with us in Club Notes.

Newbies MUST get 2k before first idle. Please go to Club Notes immediately upon joining and let us know that you understand and accept our rules. No guests allowed so please change your name if that is the case. We shoot for 7500 pts per day, per member. Playing tributes are a must also. Open gifts, send thanks and do the best you can. That’s about it. We always finish all regular perks by Monday night or Tuesday and we finish most special perks as long as they aren’t ridiculous.