Friendly, active players wanted

Agail2 Resters is an awesome club looking for some new members. Our priorities are CQ’s and perks/tributes. Digging is welcomed, but secondary for the good of all.

If we sound like a fit for you, we’d love to have ya!

I am looking to join a fun and friendly team that loves to play together as a team.

Hi Connie!

We want the same. It’s a struggle taking on new members and figuring out who is gonna work with everyone and who isn’t, ya know? We have a great foundation though, and some cool and very active participants – both longtime players/members and recent newcomers alike. Hope you join us, especially if digging isn’t a focus.

Perks & Rec is rebuilding. We are a fun team who has been at Platinum level. Getting perks completed is most important. Club Quests involving tributes for gems or doublers are mandatory. The people on this team have lives. We understand things come up. Denise

Hi Connie, Digging isn’t a requirement but about half dig. If you choose to dig, making true effort to get shovels is expected. Just so you know. Personally. I am a digger.