Friendly 10000 need some good players.

Friendly 10000 needs 3 dedicated players who play daily and will max all club quest and chat. No Guest players accepted. We often complete all 7 perks. If interested and can get 20,000 weekly would love to have you give us a try.

I play nearly every single day but I do have a busy life so maybe not 365/year. I like a club who communicates for strategy and some fun banter. I like to reach Perk 6 with gold Tiki after reaching Perks 1 & 2! I try to always contribute to club quests and I can reach at least 20k points per week and at least 250+ tributes per week often more. I like to play the gold digging game but only with a club who communicate and strategize on maxing the digging not just randomly stabbing the ground in the game. LOL.