Friend Centre on IOS is nonexistent

Hi. I am playing on an iPhone & I don’t have the friend centre option at all.
Please help!! :frowning:

As they are running tons of testing in the friend center :frowning:
I play on I-pad and am trying to give up the one I play on I-phone, I have friend center on both.
One I get less shares on, one has not changed at all.
Truly hope they can end testing soon and make the playing field fair for all players.
Sorry to hear you have no friend share. My guess is if you send a help ticket it will say testing will end ASAP.

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How do I add friends?

If you are already in a club you can start by adding the players on your team, open the icon that says “clubs” than open the icon that says "clubhouse " select a player and select add friend