FREEDOM -♦️Diamond club♦️looking for 5-7 players!

Do you have a small team or a group of people tired of not meeting perks or minimums? We have 5-7 spots open, currently 4 available but send an invite and we will remove one of our doubles, currently used as back ups to complete club quests. Our team is usually highly ranked in Diamond but due to our openings we have went down to Platinum and we desire to get back to the top! We do have a FB group Chat available, we understand and fully support lives outside of the group and understand life happens, so we have this avenue to shoot a quick message to let the team know what’s going on, support each other, share tips and tricks, and send out club quest requests. Our team has been around for years and have a highly seasoned family and we welcome new team players with open arms. We are competitive but do not do the Dig. Our team has realized it uses too many boosters and coins. During double chests you will find players happily sending out gift baskets. Our minimums are fairly easy at 2k before idle (if you join after playing all day in another group just shoot a message), 15k by Sunday, 30k by Wednesday, 300 Tribute weekly, and no idle over 20hrs without message to group/chat. Club quest participation/max’s required. Please no “Guest”names and no drama. When searching for our club please look for all capital letters. We are the highest rated team with this name! If you are still unsure feel free to leave your team name and I can invite you! Looking forward to playing with you!

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I would like Please get an invite. My team is called Free Time. My name is K. Thanks :+1:
P.S. Do you think I should give notice I’m leaving ?

I would like to be considered please x

I would like to join an aggressive team! The team I’m on now they just don’t play at all