Free giveaways from website

Up until June 20th at least (that was the last time I collected any) we were able to click on various links to get free boosters and coins. Now it looks like the entire format of the website has changed and these giveaways are gone. Is this true or am I just looking in the wrong place? I can’t spend very much money on this game (often none at all) so these giveaways really helped me to contribute to my club more than I can ‘on my own’. If it’s true, my guess is that the giveaways are being replaced by the new Friend Center.

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There are still things on the FB page that they give to is on a daily basis. I am not sure what website you are talking about, unless it is this page.

I’m not a Facebook user and can access the page from my inbox I just click the sm x to close the pop up and scroll threw and collect what they offered… there was a chest today :slight_smile:


I’ve been dealing with a medical ‘situation’ where I can’t always remember things accurately - even though I’ve done this before, I have trouble remembering exactly how to go about it each time (I try to wait a week or two between bouts so the rewards add up to more).
What I THINK I was doing in the past is going to the TriPeaks facebook page, going to the last date when I got a bonus, looking for a link for a bonus (be it coins or boosters); it then flashes to my game, where I get a popup confirming I just got x reward. I then hit the back button on my phone to get away from the game, hit the button (it’s an Android) that gives me all my open windows to choose from, choose the facebook page again, and repeat the process.
But this last time, I tried going to the TriPeaks facebook page but all I see is summaries, if you will, and archive links by month. The format I’m used to seeing in the past, I don’t see any more for some reason. It’s not a total life-changing disaster, of course, but getting extra goodies always helps you and your club.

Could you help me by pointing me in the right direction to get free coins or other perks. I don’t have facebook and don’t want it. I just now discovered the forum so I’m a newbie and totally in the dark. You mentioned going to your inbox and Xing out a popup. Still I have no clue. Thank you very much for any help.

@Chiefdroopydong this is how I do it, hope you can get to them

  1. Go to inbox
  2. Go to News
  3. Scroll down to “Be a Facebook friend”
  4. Hit view
  5. A pop will say “like us”
  6. Hit it (like us)
  7. That will take you to the FB Page
  8. Start to scroll… a pop up will say log in or create… that’s where I hit the small X to close the pop up.
  9. Scroll threw and find freebies …sometimes you have to hit the highlight word more to see all of the post. Freebies are always at the end of the post.
    **when I found out I could do this I was able to go back 30days… good luck
    There was a chest just last week :blush:

Omg. Your such a great and awesome person. It works. I thought I was just totally out of luck and have been stuck in the Blunder Bay World about a month now (yes I’m a retard). But it’s so kind of you to help me out plus I’m sure others as well. Thanks again.


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