Free gifts from club leaders

I think tri peaks should give gifts to each club leader and a package of gifts to disburse to members each week as an asentive to do better each week leaders do a LOT for there teams well most trying to help members and were also like your employees keeping team together n working smooth


Yes,that would be great,it would give the lower playing members


I had just recently thought that myself about giving something to leaders and co-leaders for their hard work. TriPeaks is getting money with free hired help. Can’t have successful clubs without leaders. And I’m not talking about 300 lousy coins. It’s not like it’s costing them anything to send cyber gifts.


Yes and I feel some players deserve reward by leader, co leaders choose not nessarialytop 3 but like most improved or frustrated trying biggest cheers leader or things like that they could even label the box if they wanted n then we leaders chose who gets what. I think that would build up moral in the teams some