Found the best club for me

I was with 1 group for almost a year, but I didn’t make my points 1 gd day, and they removed. A few others I was in, I believed that they didn’t know there’s life outside the game, that needed to be tended to. Most of those at least gave me through Friday and booted me before celebrations. And the last group, I played harder and scored more than I ever did (these were all invite groups, that I requested to join, and they invited me), but these groups were down right mean! They’d mock you, to embarrassment, over anything, how fast/slow you were playing, a comment you made, a complaint as all the others did about a club quest, but as soon as Wednesday’s would roll around and you gave them that absolute best, they removed you!
I’m with the most awesome group, with people who care about you and get to know you, as well as them, easy daily minimums, just play as much as you can, if you can’t make your minimum 1 day, make it up the next, if you aren’t feeling well they tell you to rest and get better, do what you can, and when you’re better, then you’ll play more again! How many teams are like this one?! I was so angry about being removed from all those other teams, but it was meant to be for me to find this bunch. We call ourselves the tiki bunch!!! :grin:


Glad you found a great team! You have to also understand that there are so many players that just don’t say anything and go idle, I’m sure like you said there are not so good clubs, but thankfully there is a huge selection. Being in a club that best suits you makes this game pretty awesome!


Glad you found the right club! It just takes time and patience to find what you are looking for sometimes, :).


Glad you got away from those high and mighty, hateful snobs. I love my team, it sounds like ours are very much alike. We are friends and care about each other. Good luck with the game and just have some fun being you. :heart_eyes:

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Glad you finally found the right team. I use to play Wheel of Fortune and they too had clubs. You had people that hardly did anything or even nothing then people who worked their butts off and also people who spent the money on the game. Some people take these games seriously. It took me quite a while to find I team in that game and one team also kicked me out over something I said. It was about a VIP thing and all U said was VI Pooh. How lame is that? Well I don’t play anymore because of buying a new phone and the game never transferred over and I thought I was going to miss it but then I found this. People need to really stop taking these games so seriously. Have fun and enjoy.:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue: