Forum Usefulness and Navigation

Hi Everyone, please let us know if there is anything about this forum, that would be better with instruction on how to accomplish what you want to do.

We want the forum to be useful so you can enjoy playing.

I’m a player, like you, but have figured out the forum (pretty much lol), and would love to help others get the most out of the information from other players here!

Happy learning,
Happy playing!


@discobot was introduced to me when I first started here.
Any time I try to ask for help from him, it dose not seem to get me anywhere. Any advice on that.
Ok I take that back 1 time I actually got him to work was to get the advanced users badge. But I tried others and it dosnt seem to work.
My go to move now is to type a key word in the search bar or just create a post asking members, I seem to have better luck with that.