Forum Newbie Help Please!!

Hey I am fairly new to the solitaire game sometimes ppl aren’t as nice me being a newbie I’m learning and really trying hard to do good. I did get super lucky and the first group I got In have been super helpful they told me about the fb page where I have came across this. I Am A NEWBIE I Know everyone was at one point… I have came across very friendly helpful ppl and some not so friendly that aren’t to fond of new ppl but I am learning and when I learn I will definitely put back in what I do learn and help others that may be new after I learn… I truly appreciate any help tips anything no matter how simple to yall i promise I most likely don’t know it and am so thankful for any advice please. Thank yall hope y’all have a. Good day!! Please comment any tips or advice anything you want thank you so much!!


Hi @AmberLynn22 one thing I would suggest is to read the tips section of this forum. There’s a ton of great info in there! Play daily. The daily rewards streak has some grear prizes in it. Replay the lower levels and try to complete them without boosters to improve. Good luck!


Thank you so very much!!