FOOD QUIZ: What's Your Favorite Irish Food or Drink?

With :four_leaf_clover:St. Paddy’s Day upon us​:four_leaf_clover:, we’re suddenly interested in the island of Ireland, which if you say all mumbly sounds like you’re saying :desert_island:“Island”:desert_island: .

Is it Corned Beef? Soda bread? Irish Stew? Colcannon? Or how about some of that Black Pudding?

Post your answer below for a chance at 50K Coins, 5 Wilds, 5 Freeplays and 3 Volcanoes! We’ll award 10 players chosen at random next Thursday afternoon!


I love the Ham Hock Colcannon its delicious with a runny fried egg on top!!!

Irish Stew and a pint or three of Guinness stout🍀

Corned beef and cabbage the best

Definitely some Black Pudding mmm!

Powers Irish Whiskey! Been distilling since 1791. Yummy!

Corned beef. It’s in the oven now!

Jamison what else! Guinness of course

Irish stew! The Best! :heart:

I don’t drink anymore, but when I did, I enjoyed Irish Cream. :blush:

The beef and Guinness pie! I will visit a small town Irish pub anywhere to see who makes it best!

Irish short back bacon.

Someone said corned beef & cabbage isn’t irish its an American thing. I had no idea! Fried cabbage it is then. :smiley:

Shepherd’s pie and Irish cream.

Corn beef, Irish stew, Irish whiskey.

Give me colcannon. Mashed spuds and cabbage with plenty of good Irish butter sets my Polish heart aflutter.

Soda bread and jam - great snack!

Bangers and Mashed… Ice Cold Beer…

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Shepard’s Pie or Irish Stew…yum!

Corned beef dinner with cabbage and potatoes.