They changed the next button to take you to a new level you haven’t played, but its really annoying when trying to get red stars!
Change it back!!!


@Taryn_Marie, I agree! I reported at least half a dozen islands that it was happening to me on a few days ago. It sounds like they are planing an update to fix it. Mine is not doing it as of yesterday. If you are still having issues, report your feedback in the game. Those are usually given to the developers. They appreciate it to help them with glitches. If you don’t know, you can click on your pic in the top left corner of the screen and click on HELP then CONTACT US.

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Yeah…I dont like contacting them because they look at the levels I play most and reduce payouts.

This has been happening off and on for several days. It stops for a while, and then the behavior returns. Drives me crazy.

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They also do this if you don’t contact them, they use app telemetry to find the levels with the most hits. Then they check them out and see they payout somewhat decent, and send it to the developers to “fix” the problem so they can scam ppl into spending money

Don’t like it either!

I believe the issue is tied to what ever is the “special event” of the day. Once that event is done, it goes back to the old normal way. My big issue for today is that I’m already at the end of the game and I can not chase Poi. I can not get double rewards. So I’m stuck with it broken ALL day. This issue has a lot of long time players very upset.

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Omg… this feature is driving me CRAZY, especially when you’re doing a quest that requires so many plays or wins on a specific island!!! I’ve been super frustrated this week with it island jumping and having to get out, go back to the island I wanted, play 1 game,
and it does it again!


I am going absolutely nuts with this! I have been playing since 2016, before clubs, and simply cannot readjust to the Next button taking me to the next unplayed game instead of the next game in sequence. I feel relief when they fix it, only to have it start up again. Oh, please, for the sake of my sanity, fix this!


Iv noticed this also but it’s not everyday.
I noticed it happens during pelés event which has win NEW GAMES so I’m guessing it’s tied to that somehow🤷🏻‍♀️


I believe it is happening when there is a special quest going on. For instance, if you’re doing the barrels, looking for Keys, it takes you to end of game, because the last game always has a barrel because they want you to move forward in the game. That’s why it’s not all the time. A stupid setup, but there you are.