Fishing Required looking for rockstars

Fishing Required is a diamond team that is revamping. Normally in Top 10… We are a sister or rest team to one of the Top Legend Teams, LEFTY’S ISLAND. We currently are at only 17 members due to shuffling players. Requirements are 13k Friday and 7k daily Saturday through Thursday. 55k+ weekly with 400 tribs minimums. Must chat and complete club quests, and no idles >14 hrs. We are very laid back and understand life happens. Just let us know if something requires you to be out. The members we currently have are amazing and like family. Were looking for players that like to play, have fun and are loyal!!! Also being sister CLUB to a top team we switch players out, and there is room for promoting once LOYALTY is proven. If this sounds like a good fit, please come become part of our family!
As of now we are public, once we get some players that play we will return back to invite only!
Thank you!!!

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