First Concert You Went To

First concert was ZZ Top @ Syria Mosque in Pgh, PA in late '70s.

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My first concert was to see a boy band called Hi-Five in Greenwood, SC in the early 90s. I swore the lead singer looked right at me! :joy:

My first Concert was New Years Eve in 1975 or 76. Bob Seger, ZZ Top and some other bands I don’t remember, Rush maybe.

Hello All, so idk if this counts or not but the first concert I ever been to was an xtu free concert. I went with my family and friends. So where sitting there having a good time, then all of the sudden I hear yelling coming for the left side of me. So these people are yelling at each other and the girl was so mean I mean Karen mean to the guy. So I went over there and asked the guy if he wanted to come hang out with me and my friends and family? Lol so he said yes, and yes I’m that girl! Especially if I like what I see and now 15 years later married with kids he’s make so glad everyday that I had the balls to approach him. Thanks Kimberly

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Three dog night. Shows my age huh!! Lol!

Pink Floyd, The Wall. Best concert I have ever been. Not sure if first post made it so sending another. Lol
Tina also known as Ndamist.**

Jackyl at Janis landing and it was awesome

My first concert was Black Oak Arkansas @ the Spectrum in Philly

EltonJohn and he was amazing

First concert was ELO in the 70’s in Ottawa Ontario, Canada